Mykonos Surreal I
Liquid Style / Estilo Liquido
Hyperrealism / Hiperealismo
Biennal Award 2008 / Premio
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He was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1973.
Martín Mugnolo is a Self-taught artist. He has a degree in Social Communication (Blas Pascal University, 1999).
Always restless, was interested in the design, illustration and Art. He also worked in photography, animated drawing and as writer.

His love for the greek culture, an specially about Mykonos, led him to live there for soak up their culture and stylelife. He is passionate about Helenic world and his mythology.
He exhibited his paintings in Roma, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mykonos, Marbella, Miami, Málaga and Barcelona (where he lives).


2018 - Arte BCN. Barcelona, SPAIN.
2017 - Duomo Gallery. Roma, ITALY.
2016 - Minima Gallery. Mykonos, GREECE.
2016 - Max & Sim Gallery. Barcelona, SPAIN.
2015 - Javier Román Gallery. Marbella, SPAIN.
2015 - María Elena Kravetz Gallery.. Córdoba, ARGENTINA.
2013 - Montcada Gallery. Barcelona, SPAIN.
2013 - Mosaic Zoo Gallery. Mykonos, GREECE.
2012 - Art Studio Gallery. Mykonos, GREECE.
2009 - Premio Bienal de Arte Sacro, Bs As, ARGENTINA.
2008 - Galería Form. Palermo Soho. Bs As, ARGENTINA.
2005 - Caesarea Gallery. Boca Ratón. Fl, USA.
2004 - Recoleta Gallery. Bs As., ARGENTINA.
2001 - Marchiaro Gallery. Córdoba, ARGENTINA.
2000 - Jockey Club Córdoba, ARGENTINA.
His fascination for the beauty of the figures and the mysticism of surrealism and led him to develop different styles that coexist in it to express their personal experiences. His works show a refined technique and a keen sense of observation that translates into images of great beauty.
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